spring summer campaign 2023
The bench where we all fit

"Boboli has a clear mission: to contribute to the future of children. Collection after collection, we have been striving to teach values of respect, tolerance, and equality between people, no matter what their gender, colour, religion, or abilities.

Our new campaign is called The bench where we all fit and is based on a true story that moved us all and reminded us of the importance of social inclusion.

The friendship bench 
Acacia Woodley is an American girl who was born with physical deformities. In 2014, when she was 9 years old, she was bullied by her classmates and felt as a misfit. So, she asked the principal of her school to speak in public to make them understand that she was just a girl who wanted to have a good time.
In order to help other children feel less alone, they installed what she called the friendship bench in her school yard. A place to have fun and meet friends, painted with bright colours and messages such as “courage”, “respect”, “smile”, on each of the slats."

styling Marta Gil
Production House: Mamma Team Productions
photography Raquel Chicheri

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