Campeonato de Surf de Garcey, Circuito Canario de Jóvenes Promesas.
Playa de Garcey, Fuerteventura, October 22,2016
On the road to Garcey, early in the morning
Arrival, great waves.
Morning session with friends.
The heats.
Big duck dives.
The small ones.
The beach.
The cave.
The cave.
Like a painting.
Leon on his heat.
Marco. Blue Garcey.
From the top.
Time for relax.
The girls.
The girls & the mist.
Afternoon Landscape.
Matilda & Daddy Redo. 1st place girls.
End of the day. 
Podium. Sub 16.  1º Marco 2º Leon 3º Tim 4º Teo
Back home. Has been an intense day.
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