JELLY MALLOW Autumn-Winter 2021

production / concept / casting / art & photography RAQUEL CHICHERI
production Assitant BILY PUIG

When talking about planet ‘Earth’, natural resource and environmental
challenges come together as inseparable issues.
So, if there are only children and animal friends left on Earth,
what would the planet look like?

Jellymallow’s autumn/winter collection
depicts imaginary children’s planet under the theme of
‘Our Planet’.
In this Children's planet, we have little hands and big hearts.
We create values for the wandering things and call them by new names.
Like the sky is green and the grass is blue.
Animal friends are always welcome to our planet.
We can call all the animal friends Toto!

“Toto! Our planet is endlessly flat and has a blue sun.
You can see rainbow-tailed shooting stars pouring even during the day.
Come and visit our base camp!
We should have fun and make memories with our friends!
Those happy memories are the resources of our planet!”

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